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Industry report: Fund manager changes Q1 2022

Graviton Industry Trends Q1 2022
| Investments

As part of our investment process, our Manager Research Team meticulously screens the full universe of asset managers and their investment strategies, following a quantitative and qualitative process. We assess managers based on the three precise drivers and philosophies that underpin their investment performance: investment skill, risk factors and idiosyncratic style.

Integral to our ongoing process, is close contact with the underlying fund managers to understand their performance, positioning and also any changes that have occurred within their businesses. Each quarter we publish an industry report with fund manager changes that collate the business and team-related highlights that occurred during the quarter.

Highlights during this quarter include:


Visio launched their Visio BCI Global Equity Fund in February 2022. This fund now houses the offshore exposure they held in their Multi-Asset Balanced and Multi-Asset Flexible Funds.


In February 2022, Kagiso announced a change of name to Camissa Asset Management. Kagiso Tiso Holdings sold its 50.1% share in the business to a combination of Camissa staff and management and Sinayo Capital.


Catalyst launched a fixed income and listed property product alongside Terebinth Capital during the quarter, the Terebinth/Catalyst Optimised Return Fund.

M&G Investments:

Marc Beckenstrater, co-manager of the M&G (South Africa) Global Funds range and co-head of Systematic Investment Strategies at M&G Investments in London, has decided to leave the business.


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