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Decoding the Political Puzzle with Frans Cronje

| Market Forces

Frans Cronje | Political Analyst,  Strategic Advisor, Scenario Planner

To understand financial markets, it is given that financial analysts are further empowered with an understanding of the political environment. Frans Cronje joins us for an in-depth analysis of South Africa’s political evolution and sets out the national political trendlines since 1994. He is well known political analyst, who with extensive experience, assists us to paint a clearer picture of the South African political environment.

We discuss the provincial political stats, public opinion on coalition options and stability post the 2024 election, long-term protest trend lines, the historical links between living standards and ANC support, and so much more.


Frans provides a brief analysis and key insights into the current political instability in South Africa and highlights that South Africa is now in a transition towards a future centrist coalition government that is anticipated to emerge over the next decade.

The latest poll has shown a significant decline in electoral votes for South Africa’s ruling party, African National Congress (ANC). ANC’s losing majority share showed support dropping below 50% and as a result, introduces the prospect of a national coalition. Frans Cronje tackles the potential outcomes of a national coalition and introduces 2 possibilities: a coalition with the Democratic Alliance (DA) or Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), or a coalition with smaller political parties to gain a majority vote.

At Graviton, we’re committed to keeping our clients informed and empowered in navigating the ever-changing market dynamics. Sessions like these serve as invaluable resources, allowing us to stay ahead of the curve and make informed decisions.




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